Runaway 016

Spin Fall 2012 #5 (48 min)
01 Runaway – Mat Kearney (Warm up)
02 Champion – The Chevin (Sprints)
03 I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry (Jog)
04 I Can Only Imagine – David Guetta w/ Chris Brown (Climb)
05 I Know You Want Me – Pitbull (Jumps)
06 Scream – Usher (Sprints)
07 Heartbreak Warfare – John Mayer (Steep Climb)
08 Just Dance – Lady GaGa (Jumps)
09 Without You – David Guetta w/ Usher (Sprints)
10 In Your Skin – Lifehouse (Climb)
11 Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 w/ Christina Aguilera (Jumps)
12 Lonely Boy – The Black Keys (Quick Jog)
13 Human – The Killers (Cool down)

2 thoughts on “Runaway 016

    1. That’s great news…many thanks! I’ll likely be adding more over time as I decided to pursue certification as a Spinning class instructor in Grand Rapids, MI. I had the full day orientation just yesterday…was great. Really looking forward to more frequent opportunities to ride the Schwinn Spinner and encourage others to do the same. Thanks again for all the great resources on your site! Have a great week.


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