Uprising 017

Spin Fall 2012 #6 (50 min)
01 This Must be the Place – Talking Heads (Warm up)
02 Clarity – Zedd w/ Foxes (Sprints)
03 Brokenhearted – Karmin (Jog)
04 Shake Your Euphemism – Blue Man Group (Quick Spin / Jumps)
05 It’s My Life – Bon Jovi (Climb)
06 Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez w/ Pitbull (Sprints)
07 Ride – Cary Brothers / Tiesto Remix (Seated / Standing Climb)
08 Dynamite – Taio Cruz (Jumps)
09 Uprising – Muse (Steep Climb)
10 The Spirit of Radio – Rush (Sprints)
11 83 – John Mayer (Cool down)


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  1. juan1jay says:

    I’m gonna try this playlist tomorrow night, changed 4,5,6, …thank you for posting

    1. Let me know how it goes…and what you used for 4-6. Thanks

  2. lnic11 says:

    Fab love it
    Just wondering exactly what u did for the blue man group song?

    1. Mostly three sets of 10-15 jumps…mixing it up with 4-count, 6-count and 8-count. Between sets quick pace seated flat. Thanks…have fun with it!

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