The Heat 141

Inspiration: Several tracks from the movie soundtrack from THE HEAT and some current pop tracks to make a full 60 minute playlist.
Genre: Alternative, Rock, Dance, Pop
Approximate time: 64 minutes
Ride Playlist:
More Than A Feeling
Applause – ARTPOP
Come Into My Head – Vows (Deluxe Version)
Groove Is In the Heart – The Very Best of Deee-Lite
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House – LCD Soundsystem
Tick Tick Boom – Tick Tick Boom – Single
Stay the Night (feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) – Clarity (Deluxe Edition)
Stranglehold – The Ultimate Ted Nugent
Work Work – Britney Jean (Deluxe Version)
More than a Feeling – Power Remix
Roller – Classic Masters: April Wine (Remastered)
The Monster (feat. Rihanna) – The Marshall Mathers LP2 (Deluxe)
Flashlight – The Best of Parliament – Give Up the Funk
Slow Down – Stars Dance
The Heat – The Heat

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