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Let’s collaborate…

…aka take a Survey and share music on Spotify!

After seeing a few surveys and This or That? posts, I thought I’d update my 2013 Challenge survey and add a few others. Please check them out and pass the links along to others with an interest in Studio Cycling. Each of the This or That? surveys are really short (10 questions each, and about 2 minutes to complete). The last one might take 3 or 4 mintues, but is less than 10 questions. All are on Survey Monkey, are free and anonymous.

This or That?
Instructor preferences:
Studio preferences:
Music and Movement preferences:
Personal / Other preferences:

Other Survey
General Class Survey / Evaluation:

About Spotify, if you’re a believer, then consider finding my Spin trax collaborative playlists. I have several, based on movement / tempo: Warm Up, Sprints, Rolling Hills, Jumps, Flats, Hills, Cool downs. With Spotify’s collaboration option, you (if you’re a Spotify Premium user) can add your recommended tracks to a shared playlist.

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