Go for a Virtual Ride!

If you can find about 45 minutes to get away…try this:
Plug into to Spotify (http://open.spotify.com/user/1245380664/playlist/6mrd7FCkgGfWXa2ojRj2Tk), close your eyes, listen to these tunes and go for a virtual ride.

Starting with a warm up…ending with a cool down and full body stretch, imagine a long stretch of road that is filled with a variety of flat runs and steep hills. See yourself comfortably in the saddle and moving quickly down the road. Later, find yourself in a standing position, slowly pedaling against the resistance of a steep hill. At times your heart will beat at 90%+ of your max heart rate…and at times you’ll find moments of recovery, heart beating at 60-70% of MHR. Other movements on this ride will include jumps, smooth movements in and out of the saddle at a 4- 8- or 10-count pace. When you find yourself surrounded by 10 or more other riders, a series of quick sprints will push you further ahead of the pack…pedaling up to 110-120 RPMs. Before you know it, the ride is done and you’re a winner! You’ve efficiently exercised body, heart, lungs and mind. In less than an hour, you’ve burned hundreds of calories, leaving a puddle of sweat under your bike and a smile on your face!

It get’s even better when you do it at your local Y, SNAP Fitness or other fitness center.

Enjoy the ride!


Find me on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram & other places on the web...or at my local YMCA in the Cycle Studio! Recently ICG® WATTRATE® POWER certified, I've been a certified Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Instructor since October 2012. I have taught classes at Davenport University, The University Club, SNAP Fitness (Watermark CC), Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation Dept., and Greater Grand Rapids YMCAs. Be Well... Enjoy the Ride! 🚴🏻🎶😅

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