Go for a Virtual Ride!

If you can find about 45 minutes to get away…try this:
Plug into to Spotify (http://open.spotify.com/user/1245380664/playlist/6mrd7FCkgGfWXa2ojRj2Tk), close your eyes, listen to these tunes and go for a virtual ride.

Starting with a warm up…ending with a cool down and full body stretch, imagine a long stretch of road that is filled with a variety of flat runs and steep hills. See yourself comfortably in the saddle and moving quickly down the road. Later, find yourself in a standing position, slowly pedaling against the resistance of a steep hill. At times your heart will beat at 90%+ of your max heart rate…and at times you’ll find moments of recovery, heart beating at 60-70% of MHR. Other movements on this ride will include jumps, smooth movements in and out of the saddle at a 4- 8- or 10-count pace. When you find yourself surrounded by 10 or more other riders, a series of quick sprints will push you further ahead of the pack…pedaling up to 110-120 RPMs. Before you know it, the ride is done and you’re a winner! You’ve efficiently exercised body, heart, lungs and mind. In less than an hour, you’ve burned hundreds of calories, leaving a puddle of sweat under your bike and a smile on your face!

It get’s even better when you do it at your local Y, SNAP Fitness or other fitness center.

Enjoy the ride!

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