Windy City Warrior: A guest post by Brent L. 387

After reading this IG post from a fav CHI cycle instructor, I thought I’d send this 2017 guest post reminder.

BRENTLOCEYX2: Vulnerable post seriously asking for feedback…

I’ve been thinking about putting this up for awhile but my pride/ego has told me, “You don’t need to do this.” But I’m at the point where I want to figure this out. I want to put my head down, go to work, do everything I can do bring back the magic, energy, and community we had before. I’ve been trying things here and there, I’ve been waiting for the world to “come back”, I’ve been waiting for many people I’ve rode with for years to come back. I finally looked myself in the mirror this week and said, “It’s not happening, it’s not working, you need to DO SOMETHING!”

First – for all of you who are reading this and have been back in our CHGO studios, masked and unmasked, I seriously cannot thank you enough for rallying our community. I think you would agree with me that we are physically doing more on the bike than we ever were before and are reminded every time we clip in how great it feels and how @soulcycle truly makes our day better. Thank you for being in this with me!

For those who are reading this and used to ride but I haven’t seen in months, years or since COVID hit, I’m here to ask you what I can do to remind you of the fun, strength, and truly MAGIC we used to create together. Do you miss it? Have you found something else that lights your fire up as much or more? Do you work out at home now or have moved away? What could I do to get you back?

I’ve also heard from others that…
“Brent’s class is too hard!”
“Brent’s class is too fast!”
“Brent seems intimidating.”
“I don’t like Brent’s music.”
Well I’m here to change ALL OF THAT. This is where I’d love to know what I CAN DO for you. I’m open to and appreciate all comments or DMs.

What are you looking for out of class?
What music do you want to here?
Should I do more theme rides?
Let me tell you what seems to be working,
ACTIVATE and Country!
Let me tell you what’s not working,
Club Bangers, Mashups, Rap Battles and heartbreakingly TBT.

For those who do reach out to me with their thoughts, I’d love to have you come back or even try my class ON ME.

I am 100% committed to making our community whole again and better than ever! Thank you

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Living on the other side of Lake Michigan, Chicago has always been a favorite family getaway…usually around the November/December holidays. Old Town (a north-side Chicago neighborhood) is the current home for my youngest daughter and home to one of four SoulCycle studios in greater Chicago (SoulCycle Chicago). My first SoulCycle class was at the Old Town studio (my blog post from May 2015).

So…for November, THANKS to Brent Locey for sharing his Soul Story in this month’s Guest blog post…

My journey to being a SoulCycle instructor is one that I never planned for but consider myself so lucky that life threw me some unexpected twists that lead me to the podium. My current passion for fitness was born from my obsession with sports growing up, specifically football, basketball, and swimming. While I loved competing as my own athlete throughout my career, I quickly discovered that…

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