FlyWheel Back Bay – Add Two!


More praise for the FLY team!


Hudson Strong

As a former indoor cycling instructor, I have high standards when it comes to classes. Indoor cycling classes are really only as good as the effort that you are willing to put into it as the rider on the bike, but a good instructor sets the tone, has an insane playlist, and makes me WANT to pedal faster. Its hard to pinpoint the exact things that make a good spin class, but you know when you are in one. Last night, the 6:30pm class at FlyWheel Back Bay was one of the best I’ve ever done.

Led by Ann Unger, the class was fast, sweaty, and loud. My only criticsm is that I am not THAT into the whole weights-while-you-ride thing. I love CrossFit, and full-body workouts, but doing two things at the same time (cycling and tricep curls) was actually really distracting. I would have liked doing a…

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