(for the ride) Inside Friend 506 and a ‘420’ Bonus

Would have never in a MILLION YEARS thought that something like these past two years would happen in my lifetime! It’s not been great, but it’s forced some positive changes in lifestyle, work-life balance, etc. It’s good to see positive trends over the last few months! Take care, stay safe, BE WELL…ENJOY THE RIDE!

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Inspiration: WTF! Life on Earth has changed so much since I signed off for an intentional pause, just before the start of Lent. The irony of lent this year, turns out I gave up more than blog posts this lent…worse yet, tens of thousands of people are loosing their battle with Covid-19, and many survivors struggle with anxiety and depression. These circumstances are testing all “pillars” of health and wellness (physical, mental, financial, etc.). Over the next months, years we’ll be dealing with the collateral damage of this “novel” virus.

I’m so thankful that outside of the cycle studio, my work is deemed ESSENTIAL and I’ve been able to work from home…and thankful that my co-workers, wife, parents, daughers, their partners, my AMAZING granddaughter, and other friends and family are healthy and managing this pandemic as well as can be expected!

Now, let’s change the subject…

A quick follow-up SHOUT-OUT…

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