Built for Pain 436

Inspiration: This 45 minute ride isn’t too painful…unless you want it to be (it’s YOUR ride!). Some great music will help take the edge off…check out: X, DJs Gotta Dance More, Built for Pain and the closer…All Our Little Talks!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 48 minutes
Playlist & Summary Ride Profile:
Warm up – Sun In Our Eyes / MO, Diplo
Seated / Standing Flat – American Summer / Giiants
Seated / Standing Climb – X / Nicky Jam, J Balvin
Quick Seated / Standing Climb – Miss America / Styx
Alt Seated / Standing Flat – Fly Life / Basement Jaxx
Alt Seated Climb / Standing Attack – Secrets (Syn Cole Remix) / P!nk, Syn Cole
Hill – DJs Gotta Dance More / A-Trak, Todd Terry
Jumps – Don’t Bring Me Down / Electric Light Orchestra
Free Ride / Riders’ Choice – Radio Silence / R3HAB, Jocelyn Alice
Seated / Standing Hill – Built for Pain / Esterly, Austin Janckes
Sprints (3X) – Gypsy / Lady Gaga
Cool down & stretch – All Our Little Talks / Flipboitamidles

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