Sparking My Fire πŸ”₯ 483

Inspiration:  Starting the new month off strong with this FIRE theme ride!   Doesn’t matter much how you SAY IT…but more about how you MOVE IT!  Brand!, Au feu!, Feuer!, Ahi!, Al fuoco!, Fuego!, Det brinner!…FIRE! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Many notable tracks on this full hour ride (see the 45m version too), including all these:  hooked on NF’s Time for a great opener, On My Way and Fire in Me are perfect for working beyond warm-up into Zone 5, blink-182 is releasing a new album mid-September and Darkside is a great teaser (and sprint track!), OMAM is one of my favorite alt groups…and just released a new album (FEVER DREAM) and Wars is a top track worth checking out, Small Talks is new to me and their Nicotine & Tangerines is perfect for a quick seated flat “group ride”, fun & fresh music by Icona Pop (Next Mistake), it’s Thursday and the THROWBACK track on this mix is from THE (amazing) DOORS, Mr. 305’s Fireball is a regular favorite of mine and a FIRE theme ride wouldn’t be complete without it, the title track by SACHI and ROE will spark the fire in YOU, Never Before is the big EDM track here…great for some big sprints, The Black Keys have some great stuff on their current release…including Fire Walk With Me, Kav Verhouzer easily made the cut for this ride and FIRE isn’t even in the title (Get What You Came For), Bishop Briggs’ Champion is a killer climbing track, Fire Alarm (on repeat) is a sweet collaboration by Castlecomer and Welshly Arms…and long-time favorite Mat Kearney recently re-released Fire & Rain, along with several others on his City of Black & White Revisited.  Many of these artists are touring and a ticket would be money well-spent!

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock

Duration:  45 and 60 minutes

Playlist and Ride Profile:

Warm up – Time / NF

Alt Seated / Standing Flat – On My Way / Sophie Francis

Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Fire in Me / Ibby VK

Sprints – Darkside / blink-182

Mixed terrain Climb – Wars / Of Monsters and Men

Seated Hill with attacks – We Found Love / Nora En Pure, Passenger 10, Ashibah

Quick Seated Flat – Nicotine & Tangerines / Small Talks

Free Track! (Riders’ Choice) – Next Mistake / Icona Pop

Extended Seated / Standing Climb – Light My Fire / The Doors

Alt Seated / Standing Flat – Fireball / Pitbull, John Ryan

Seated Hill with Standing attacks – Sparking My Fire / SACHI, ROE

Extended Seated Flat with Sprints – Never Before / Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge, Jonathan Mendelsohn

Varied Jumps / Jumps on a Hill – Fire Walk With Me / The Black Keys

Rolling Hills – Get What You Came For / Kav Verhouzer, BullySongs

Seated to Standing Climb – Champion / Bishop Briggs

Sprints – Fire Alarm / Castlecomer, Welshly Arms

Cool down & Stretch – Fire & Rain / Mat Kearney

On Spotify:

60m version

45m version

On YouTube:

SPin the News:

The Celebrity-Endorsed Fitness Franchise SoulCycle Comes To London


Enjoy the Ride!


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