We’ll Be United 264

Inspiration: All recent released tracks for this 45-minute ride…some favorites on repeat and some new tunes found on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday. The ride profile is packed with a variety of the SPINNING… Continue reading

Speed: The Fast and Furious Ride 263

Inspiration: Time for a THEME RIDE…this one hour mix is based on music used in the 7-movie FAST & FURIOUS franchise. The most recent FURIOUS 7 has the best collection of music, but… Continue reading

Five Hundred Miles 262

Inspiration: A little bit of everything here, including a couple tracks recommended by other instructors via Spotify and Facebook: updated versions of In the Air Tonight and I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). A… Continue reading

TEST RIDE: SoulCycle – Chicago / Old Town

   Another trip to the “Land of Lincoln”…another visit to a new cycle studio. This visit has been in the making for over two years now, so it’s about time! SoulCycle has finally… Continue reading

Undisclosed Desires 261

Inspiration: I managed to pull this mix together in record time, ready for the Thursday night Endurance Ride class at the Y in DTGR. My plan was to stick with the ENDURANCE theme… Continue reading

Wherever U Go / It Feels Good 260

Inspiration: It was (is) a busy week for me with studio cycling at the Y…classes from 45 minutes to 90 minutes…7 classes over 6 days. I started with a 60 minute playlist, added… Continue reading

Tonight Belongs To U! (Endurance Ride) 259

Inspiration: For a change I thought I’d post this BEFORE the Thursday night Endurance Ride. I really like this mix for a solid Endurance theme. Just a couple interval tracks, everything else a… Continue reading

Hold On Loosely 258

Inspiration: Every other weekend I’m on for a busy triple spin class line up…two Saturday AM classes and one Sunday afternoon class…all 45 minutes. This weekend, I get to do an early AM… Continue reading

(Legs) Are Movin (10 Indoor Cycling Playlists) 257

Inspiration: Here’s the last of three posts today…cleaning up my Spotify playlist archive. This time, 10 studio cycling / workout playlists for a full one-hour session each. Some of these go back a… Continue reading

Give It All (8 Indoor Cycling Playlists) 256

Inspiration: Here’s part 2, with 8 studio cycling / workout playlists for a 50-55 minute session. It’s an odd time – more than a 45-minute class, but no quite a full hour…just SKIP… Continue reading